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Electric Cars

Will tomorrow’s autos take us beyond the climate crisis?

Written by: Alexa Stone

We hear so much from auto manufacturers about Greenhouse Gas (GhG) reduction goals for 2030 and beyond!

Auto manufacturer goals are important and commendable, but many other sectors must be involved to take us beyond the climate crisis. Achieving the original Paris Climate accords goal (50% below 2017 emissions) will require significant consumer and corporate action.[1]

Climate Action 100+, is an investor-led (and funded) organization that assesses the climate change actions being taken by the world’s largest corporate GhG emitters. In a recent assessment, they reported that none of the 159 companies they studied have targeted net-zero emissions by 2050.[2]

A recent article posted on the Sierra Club website[3] recommends that auto makers take several significant actions:

  • Target emissions reductions that would limit global warming to 1.5°C.
  • Build Electric Vehicles (EV) that are more affordable.
  • Achieve “clean car” standards.
  • Create EV manufacturing jobs.
  • Increase the current EV inventory.
  • Promote EV purchases through advertising and consumer education.