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Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA) Complete Streets

Written by: the ecoPreserve team
JTA is the independent agency responsible for public transit and roadway infrastructure in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Assessed the resiliency and sustainability of future projects as part of the Mobility Corridors Project Prioritization Tool
  • Analyzed projects using GIS information to assess the need and opportunity for different resiliency and sustainability criteria.

More than 90 percent of Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) customers walk or bike to a bus stop. In service to those customers, and in support of federal Complete Streets goals, JTA initiated a review and prioritization of 77 current projects. The prime contractor for that study, Michael Baker International, brought in ecoPreserve to evaluate the sustainability and resiliency impact of selected projects.

The ecoPreserve team first developed logic for assessing potential sustainability and resiliency. In documenting that, they geolocated relevant information using a leading Geographic Information System (GIS) tool. They then provided project sustainability/resiliency ranking scores for the initiative’s final report.

ecoPreserve assessed factors such as critical infrastructure, stormwater management, vulnerable locations, urban heat island effect, and proximity to natural habitats and wetlands. As JTA considers those factors in its transit development, petroleum-powered travel can be further reduced. Jacksonville’s Complete Streets enhance support for pedestrian and bicycle travel. This reduces JTA’s carbon footprint and benefits public health as well as the environment.