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How to bring productivity home

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 3.6% of the U.S. workforce telecommuted on most days. Only 7% of employers offered that option. As of Spring, 2020, stay-at-home orders have the doors and emptied the parking lots of many businesses. Those businesses and their suppliers seek ways to move forward while ensuring the health and wellness of every […]

Recycling to improve health and save lives

When a plastic bottle is pelletized or a cardboard carton is shredded and pulped that recycling contributes to environmental health.  An international non-profit organization headquartered in Orlando, Florida goes beyond that. The recycling advocated, managed, and supported by Clean the World® contributes to human health. It often saves lives. Clean the World’s global mission begins […]
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How employee wellness programs support sustainability

What do employee wellness programs have to do with sustainability? If employees endure a stressful state of being for a long period of time, they experience burnout. This affects a company’s overall productivity and profitability. How does one sustain a stressful environment, attend to numerous job demands and sustain a work-life balance? We could write […]

Seven Deadly Sins of Facility Management

Facilities Management (FM) brings together people, systems, and processes to optimize the building environment. As costly challenges arise throughout the asset lifecycle, the seven deadly sins can impact operating costs, materials management, workplace wellness, and human performance for the asset. HVAC Sin: Neglecting the manufacturer’s recommendations for preventive maintenance will shorten the asset lifecycle. The frequency […]

Sustainability’s front line secures lasting value

Organizations have discovered value in their sustainability programs. In many facilities, utility bills can be substantially reduced. Water, which is neither free nor forever abundant, can be conserved. Materials that otherwise would have incur transport and landfill costs can instead be reused and recycled. Green Teams take ownership of plans and policies which claim those […]
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Team Up! to make Ride-sharing Work

Do you drive a small sedan? On average, it costs you 42 cents per mile. If you drive something slightly larger, the cost jumps to 54 cents per mile. Based on those figures, a daily 20-mile commute would take $400 per month from your budget. Compare that with vanpooling, likely to save that same budget […]

What is corporate America doing to be more sustainable?

What is corporate America doing to be more sustainable? Alexa highlights the efforts of a few large corporations that are making a difference:  
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Where sustainability meets profitability

The work of Green Teams A corporate green team is a group of employees, formed to take on shared environmental interests. These teams can benefit the employee participants and organization alike by the change they accomplish and the participation they enjoy. International corporations like Frito-Lay, McDonald’s, Adobe, and Google have established internal green teams that identify […]
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The Environment – a Unifying Force

Several issues surface in planning sustainability initiatives. ecoPreserve can help you appropriately address them! How do we create a green team structure and initiative that will be effective and successful? How do we gain buy-in, encourage staff and earn financial support to move forward? What policies should form the foundation of a sustainability program? How […]