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What’s going on up there?

Polar bears, reindeer, and Arctic foxes roam the glaciers and frozen tundra of Svalbard, a 23,000-square-mile archipelago halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Wildlife shares this domain with 2,500 human residents — people likely to be found in one of four communities. Scientists far outnumber the year-round residents. Currently,  6,431 of them participate in […]

Nine perspectives on progress
toward net zero CO2

These ecoPreserve team members confirm that global decarbonization goals are being advanced at home, in our communities, and especially in the organizations we serve! OBSERVING AN EV REVOLUTION As more charging stations become available and the technology continues to improve increasing range, folks will continue to hop on the train. Alberto Brioso Project Manager SHARING […]

A tale of two communities

A  STORM INTENSIFIES On the morning of September 23, Tropical Depression Nine (TD 9) formed south of the Dominican Republic. Its wind speed was 35 mph. The next day, as TD 9 crossed the central Caribbean, those wind speeds bumped up to 39 mph and became Tropical Storm Ian. Rapid intensification, fueled by the energy […]

Keeping lights on and costs controlled with Vehicle-to-Grid power

The storms, fires, droughts, and floods of climate change are turning off lights and jamming the wheels of progress. In 2022, we see this happen in more places, more often. Power failures have increased by 60 percent over the past seven years. Today’s greater uncertainty advances a business case for backup power. Where once that […]

Maritime industry responds to climate concerns

Each year, cruise and commercial ships release about 1 billion metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.[1] That equals the impact of 268 coal-fired power plants or 215 million gas-fueled automobiles.[2] The United Nations is responding to the problem. This November, it will issue a green shipping challenge at its Climate Change Conference, COP27. The […]