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Smart City leaders to explore sustainable solutions

Over 400 leaders from Smart Cities worldwide1 will convene in Sacramento, California, November 27-29 for a Meeting of the Minds Summit. Workshop and session topics will focus on sustainable solutions: Climate resiliency Downtown and waterfront redevelopment Food systems the Internet of Things Transportation Water policy [1] News and Notes items accompany the longer articles found in ecoPreserve’s […]

What greater value will be found in the Energy Cloud?

Today, many energy networks have a hub-and-spoke design. These centralized networks may one day be superceded by a network-of-networks1. In that.customer-centric model, two-way energy flows are designed to enable greater interactivity between producers, consumers, and prosumers (consumers who produce)2. [1] [2] News and Notes items accompany the longer articles found in ecoPreserve’s newsletter, […]

Which cities are rated smartest in 2018?

Each year, the Center for Globalization and Strategy assesses smart city development in 165 international cities. Each is rated in categories that include transportation services, technology, governance, development of human capital and more. This year’s winner is New York City, followed by London and Paris. SOURCE: News and Notes items accompany the longer articles […]
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What makes a Smart City smart?

Looking only at streets and buildings, it’s difficult to tell if a city is a smart city. Monorails may dart between tall glass towers that gleam in futuristic shapes. Boulevards may be wide and buffered with parkland. Is that a smart city? Maybe One shining city might deplete resources and accumulate waste, while an older […]
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New team members bring new skills and interests

As ecoPreserve continues to grow in 2018, we are grateful to be working with these team members. Welcome to each of you! Kevin T. Dupree, CFM Kevin has more than 16 years of facilities management experience. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, his professional education continued, resulting in Certified Facility Manager (CFM) […]

How 58 companies saved a total of $14B

Representation of one day’s carbon emissions Representation of one day’s carbon emissionshandyhulle xrwholesaleon sale The companies were recognized for mitigating environmental risks in partnership with their suppliers. Those reductions in CO2 and other emissions saved the companies an estimated $14 billion in 2017. Those reductions in CO2 and other emissions saved the companies an estimated $14 […]
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What cities are doing about CO2

Recurring smog and daily bumper-to-bumper traffic have made citizens as well as government officials aware of a problem. Cities are pollution sources. In fact, 70% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions originate in cities. Solutions are being considered worldwide. Sometimes, before the answers are clear the first step may be commitment to a goal. Within the […]
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Visit tomorrow’s smart cities at today’s theme parks

Imagine a world where transportation runs on demand, not by schedule. Imagine trading that key ring for one wearable device which opens every door. Bring your smartphone, because that will reserve your dining, place your order, and pay for the check. Regardless of your day’s agenda, you’ll never wait long, because your entirely-flexible schedule and […]

What’s happening in “the Smartest City on Earth”?

In 2016, suggested that Yinchuan, China might be the world’s smartest city. Even then, these innovations and more were already in place: Trash cans with built-in compactors. The bins also contain sensors that report when they are full. No need for correct change to ride the bus. Facial recognition devices link to citizen’s bank […]