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Resiliency means better traction for the rough roads ahead

Earth’s atmosphere is warming faster than ever before. The atmospheric co2 concentration today exceeds 370 ppm; 28% higher than a half century ago.[1] As a heavier greenhouse gas blanket traps heat, the storms, fires, floods, extreme temperatures that once were 100-year events have become today’s news. Hazards that are more frequent and more severe bring […]

How EV service fleets can extend their range

A transition from high maintenance petroleum vehicles brings challenges and opportunities to fleet managers. Proactive steps taken today can reduce acquisition and maintenance costs by better planning for tomorrow’s EV service fleets.
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National laboratories explore tomorrow’s energy grid

The 17 national laboratories of the US Department of Energy have been leaders in scientific innovation for more than seventy years. Much of the research at those laboratories today focuses on how to migrate the petrol-powered energy grid of today to one that leverages renewable energy. The transformation will involve significant challenges: Delivering ample power, […]

America’s road to an EV future

You may know that vikings sailed the ocean blue 471 years before Christopher Columbus reached the Bahamas. You may also have read that in 2021, a Scandinavian country is leading the technological journey away from fossil fuels, toward Electric Vehicles (EV). More than 89% of passenger vehicles registered in Norway last month were EV. Less than 4% were […]

Digging deeper into advanced energy technologies

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, focuses on creative answers to today’s energy challenges. Their researchers are finding breakthroughs in clean technologies and ways to integrate energy systems. Their work has the potential to transform ways that the world uses energy! We at ecoPreserve are delighted […]

Renewable energy brought down from the roof

Solar panels are most often seen on rooftops. That hasn’t changed. The difference today is the variety of materials and the variety of places where they can be installed. Tesla has been selling solar roof tiles since 2017. On homes, those tiles provide an attractive alternative to the common 60 or 72-cell solar panels while […]

How data science serves climate science

As storms rage, cities flood, and wildfires persist, climate change impact is here and now. Looking down from space, the consequences of atmospheric greenhouse gases are seen on every continent and from pole to pole. The death toll from 21st century extreme weather events exceed 495,000 lives. More than $3.5 trillion in material damages and […]

Orlando’s high-speed charging hub to be Florida’s largest

The City of Orlando’s 100% Renewable Energy Resolution, published in 2017, sets a 2050 target for sourcing 100% of electricity consumed in the city from renewable energy resources and associated technologies. Toward that target, the Orlando Utility Commission (OUC), Orange County, and Power Electronics are collaborating in development of the largest high-speed charging facility in […]

Climate change solutions can serve social needs

Ever-increasing numbers of weather and climate disasters have brought tragedy all too often. In 2020 alone, no fewer than 262 lives were lost. Property damages exceeded $95 billion. Each of those 22 disasters claimed or impacted lives while disrupting business and commerce.[1] Low-wealth communities were hardest hit by storms, floods, and fires. Those same cities […]