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Beyond mountains of waste, a sustainable economy is seen

The linear economy has persisted domesticly and worldwide. Until recently, democracies, monarchies, and totalian regimes have all followed the same economic model. Drawing the line This model has served many generations, yet it endangers future generations. Some of the consequences are piled in front of us today. Others drift in the oceans, pollute our air, […]

Better Solid Waste Management (SWM) in a circular economy

In a circular economy, recycling keeps waste materials out of landfills. Instead, the materials are available for valuable repurposing and reuse. Plastic packaging is seen along grocery store aisles, worldwide. One of the largest consumer products companies, Unilever, brings familiar brands to about 190 countries. In the U.S., their Dove, Hellmann’s, and Seventh Generation brands […]

Reduce, reuse, recycle quiz

More than 2.2 billion tons of municipal solid waste are produced each year! What can be done to avoid ocean pollution, restore pristine beaches, and limit landfills? Consider the 3 R’s: The amount of waste can be Reduced, by limiting excess production and consumption. The merchandise we buy can be handed-down, donated, or otherwise Reused. […]
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Can technology reboot the recycling market?

Recycling has been common practice for over 50 years. Unfortunately, practice does not always lead to perfection.  Garbage is often tossed into recycling bins, contaminating all of the contents. Another common practice, wish-cycling, mixes unusable materials with otherwise-valuable materials.[1] That’s just two issues that recur in recycling. The problems have weakened commodity values, and diminished […]
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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to optimize material use

Optimized material selection and use extends product value, promotes sustainability, and reduces costs. It is essential to better buying. REDUCE Almost all organizations can reduce packaging waste. Best practices for packaging apply to purchases as well as products being shipped. Set standards with vendors When selecting a vendor, consider how goods or materials will be […]

Reusable packaging brings sustainability home

Brand-name food, household, and personal care products are now widely available in reusable packaging. TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based recycling company in partnership with major consumer products companies, is delivering brand-name products to grocers and pharmacies in Washington D.C. and four Northeastern states.[1] Through pilot studies, almost 300 products are being sold in reusable circular packaging. […]
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City of Orlando to consider replacing single-use plastic at events

A policy soon to be reviewed by Orlando City Council would reduce the use of single-use plastics and styrofoam products at large-scale events. Styrofoam and other plastics currently make up about 30 percent of the landfill volume in the United States. These products are NOT biodegradable meaning that a single use cup or tray can […]

A strategic approach to sustainable purchasing

When an organization buys sustainable products and services, it has a positive impact on human health and the environment. Better buying can and should also be cost effective. These five best practices make sustainable purchasing possible without compromising price, performance, or quality:[1] 1) Look beyond the first cost Items with the lowest purchase price may […]

Recycle Right Quiz

Try this short quiz to see what you know about recycling right! [watu 2]