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Two certifications focus on a healthier building environment

Two certification programs respond to today’s need for healthier buildings. The WELL Building Standard (WELL) and Fitwel have both have been implemented at leading global organizations. Their common purpose is to improve the health and well-being of building occupants. WELL certification 4,288 projects across 62 countries are applying WELL Building Standard. This is bringing optimal […]

University study shows green buildings make smarter workplaces

In a study by Harvard University and SUNY Upstate Medical University1, participants worked for six days, exposed to the varied conditions of conventional and green office buildings. The green-certified, high-performance conditions brought 26 percent higher cognitive function scores. Under those conditions, participants also reported better sleep and fewer health symptoms. [1] News and Notes […]

Workplace sensors help to get the job done

Healthy workplaces with optimal temperature and air quality can boost productivity. A 2014 study published by the National Center for Biotechnical Information measured a 38.56% impact on job performance as a result of temperature extremes. In commercial and office buildings, sensors help ensure comfort and safety within the environment. Here is how they boost workplace […]

Seven Deadly Sins of Facility Management

Facilities Management (FM) brings together people, systems, and processes to optimize the building environment. As costly challenges arise throughout the asset lifecycle, the seven deadly sins can impact operating costs, materials management, workplace wellness, and human performance for the asset. HVAC Sin: Neglecting the manufacturer’s recommendations for preventive maintenance will shorten the asset lifecycle. The frequency […]

The essentials of effective green cleaning

Some of the largest nationwide and franchised cleaning services, including Jan-Pro, Majestic, and Vanguard now offer green cleaning. The benefits of effectiveness, improved indoor air quality, reduced-pollution, and workplace wellness make green cleaning a compelling service. A service may limit their definition of green cleaning to their preferred natural or environmentally friendly cleaning products. That’s a […]
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Better nutrition boosts workplace wellness

Workplace wellness should be easy. After an hour or so of focused progress, get up, stretch, and maybe refill the water bottle from the break room sink. There, in many offices, perils await. Where did those doughnuts come from? A well-meaning and generous manager or coworker may have brought them in. The box sits open […]
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It’s time to inspire workplace sense-ability

The sights, sounds, and scents within an office can boost the morale and productivity of the people working there. Regardless of the tasks we perform, our senses are with us. Even when in “heads-down” mode, we see, hear, and inhale the atmosphere of an office. When the office atmosphere is pleasing, the positive human factors […]

Is Your Building a Healthy Building?

The business benefits of healthier buildings are driving increased attention across the design and construction industry. While Facility Managers assess, monitor, and care for a building, the building itself can do much for its owners. The benefits are quite visible as balance sheet line items. Workplace enhancements boost employee health and well-being, enhancing productivity. Government […]

How a workplace can truly be WELL

So… what is WELL? The WELL Building Standard is managed and administered by the International WELL Building Institute, whose main focus is to improve human well-being and health through the built environment. USGBC describes WELL as a “performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being, […]