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Executive Director earns GPCP designation

ecoPreserve, LLC is pleased to announce that Oscar Vargas, our Executive Director, has earned the Guiding Principles Compliance Professional (GPCP) credential. As a sustainability professional with this credential, Oscar can draw upon his expert knowledge of GBI’s Guiding Principles Compliance (GPC) verification system and apply this training to support clients pursuing GPC verification in his […]

Green economy quiz

Green economies — as defined by the environment program at the United Nations — are low carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive.
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Looking ahead to 2020

The environmental and resiliency events planned for 2020 will offer education and inspiration in all four seasons. Some events may not require much travel! Relevant conferences and expositions will be held in several regions of the U.S. as well as internationally. FEBRUARY GreenBiz Phoenix/Scottsdale — February 4-6 More than 1,500 business, government, and academic leaders […]
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Progress in 2019

This year, a better environment and solutions to climate change were pursued locally, nationally, and internationally. In 2019, more lands were protected, more renewable energy was generated, and improvements in environmental design were experienced by more people than ever. MARCH A new law extends protection to more land and waterways The John D. Dingell, Jr. […]
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Report measures progress at 174 cities 9 ways

The Cities in Motion Index (CIMI) for 2019 ranks cities based on nine dimensions that enhance the quality of life for citizens.[1] In its sixth edition, the report ranks 174 cities addressing ISO 3710 (Sustainability Development of Communities – Indicators of City Service and Quality of Life):[2] Human capital Social cohesion Economy Environment Governance Urban […]
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Report shows progress toward U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

A recent report documented how more than 100 major metropolitan areas are progressing toward U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Along with comparison rankings, the report shows where further action is needed to reach goals by 2030.[1] The SDGs were adopted unanimously at the United Nations in 2015. The 17 wide-ranging goals address human needs and […]

10 ways data is making cities smarter

Smart city innovations begin with data, sometimes gathered through high-tech sensors or other inventive ways. That data is sent or retrieved (pushed by a sensor or pulled by a remote system) through a digital network. The data may be stored in a database or used real-time in computer dashboards, simple displays, and reports. In recent […]
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City of Orlando to consider replacing single-use plastic at events

A policy soon to be reviewed by Orlando City Council would reduce the use of single-use plastics and styrofoam products at large-scale events. Styrofoam and other plastics currently make up about 30 percent of the landfill volume in the United States. These products are NOT biodegradable meaning that a single use cup or tray can […]

Orlando celebrates Earth Day many ways, on many days

A national day to focus on the environment was first proposed in 1970. Setting aside party differences, two U.S. Senators collaborated to support a “national teach-in on the environment”. An initial staff of 85 promoted events nationwide. To encourage youth participation, a date falling between Spring Break and Final Exams was chosen. That was April […]