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Community health challenges of global temperature rise

Last year, global average temperatures surpassed all previous years since records commenced in 1850. The average global temperature soared to 2.12°F above the 20th-century norm. Compared to pre-industrial years, the increase was 2.43°F. This significant temperature rise has brought storms, flooding, fires, and drought. In the U.S., the 1960s average of two heat waves increased […]

Let’s raise a glass to PFAS-free water!

The benefits of PFAS-coated and infused products are seen in households across the USA. Eggs no longer stick to cookware. Summer t-shirts can be waterproof, and sofa covers repel stains. PFAS brings further value outside the home. The electronics industry relies on PFAS for heat-resistant cables and circuit boards. In your community, firefighters save lives […]

What’s going on up there?

Polar bears, reindeer, and Arctic foxes roam the glaciers and frozen tundra of Svalbard, a 23,000-square-mile archipelago halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Wildlife shares this domain with 2,500 human residents — people likely to be found in one of four communities. Scientists far outnumber the year-round residents. Currently,  6,431 of them participate in […]

Resiliency means better traction for the rough roads ahead

Earth’s atmosphere is warming faster than ever before. The atmospheric co2 concentration today exceeds 370 ppm; 28% higher than a half century ago.[1] As a heavier greenhouse gas blanket traps heat, the storms, fires, floods, extreme temperatures that once were 100-year events have become today’s news. Hazards that are more frequent and more severe bring […]

Transportation electrification & EV charging

OUC is a community-owned utility, providing water and electricity to 250,000 Orlando residents EV charging accessibility research resulting in grant funding Design development for the EV resiliency hub As the City of Orlando’s utility partner, OUC supports the city’s goal of 100% renewable power and net-zero emissions by 2050. To support the transition to clean […]

Introducing the SME Climate Hub: resources for climate action

The SME Climate Hub is a global initiative that empowers small to medium-sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future. The Hub is an initiative of the We Mean Business Coalition, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign in collaboration with Normative and the Net […]

Beyond mountains of waste, a sustainable economy is seen

The linear economy has persisted domesticly and worldwide. Until recently, democracies, monarchies, and totalian regimes have all followed the same economic model. Drawing the line This model has served many generations, yet it endangers future generations. Some of the consequences are piled in front of us today. Others drift in the oceans, pollute our air, […]

The lower-carbon future of coal-fired power plants

Conversion to natural gas In the 1980’s, horizontal drilling and fracking had become common practice. Natural gas prices plummeted. Those lower costs, and the reduced carbon dioxide emissions of natural gas, caused many coal-fired power plants to be converted to natural gas. Power plant owners minimized transition costs, using the existing power grid without having […]

More communities commit to 100% renewable energy

Cities, counties, and states across the U.S. have set goals to end reliance on fossil fuels and instead to generate electricity from renewable sources. As of November 2021, Ready for 100% campaigns have launched int0 more than 180 cities, ten counties, and eight states nationwide.[1] Originally planned by the Sierra Club, Ready For 100 (RF100) […]