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Seven roads to climate-change readiness

This century’s rise in global average temperatures — about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit — is small, but the human and economic impact is powerful. Looking ahead, the 50-year cost of unchecked climate change could exceed $175 trillion. PERILS REPORTED TODAY The reasons for climate change costs are no less varied than the regions where they occur. […]

How Orlando brings greater green to developers and the community

The City of Orlando has targeted a 20% reduction in total electricity consumption. The baseline year for that goal was 2010 when per capita consumption was 12,003 KwH. A related 2040 goal aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 90% below 2007 levels.[1] Towards those achievements, the city has initiated a Green Building Incentive Program (GBIP). […]

Beyond mountains of waste, a sustainable economy is seen

The linear economy has persisted domesticly and worldwide. Until recently, democracies, monarchies, and totalian regimes have all followed the same economic model. Drawing the line This model has served many generations, yet it endangers future generations. Some of the consequences are piled in front of us today. Others drift in the oceans, pollute our air, […]

The lower-carbon future of coal-fired power plants

Conversion to natural gas In the 1980’s, horizontal drilling and fracking had become common practice. Natural gas prices plummeted. Those lower costs, and the reduced carbon dioxide emissions of natural gas, caused many coal-fired power plants to be converted to natural gas. Power plant owners minimized transition costs, using the existing power grid without having […]

More communities commit to 100% renewable energy

Cities, counties, and states across the U.S. have set goals to end reliance on fossil fuels and instead to generate electricity from renewable sources. As of November 2021, Ready for 100% campaigns have launched int0 more than 180 cities, ten counties, and eight states nationwide.[1] Originally planned by the Sierra Club, Ready For 100 (RF100) […]

Sustainability with both eyes open

Sustainability returns value to organizations of all types. A sustainability assessment can reduce costs and minimize waste. It also bring market advantage. A recent survey found that 88% of respondents preferred brands that helped them, as consumers, to be more environmentally friendly. Greater sustainability can bring the benefits of  improved environmental management to manufacturers as […]
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Bringing energy costs into community-wide balance

In recent  years, 33% of U.S. households have confronted energy insecurity. As their energy bills accumulated, over 25 million families have had to cut back on food and medicine purchases.[1] But why should energy costs have greater impact on low-income households? Among the possible reasons, they pay a greater portion of their earnings for utility costs. Also, […]

Boost your cart smarts at this year’s Waste Expo

Waste Expo®, North America’s leading solid waste and recycling event returns in-person with health protocols in place on June 28-30, 2021. The Las Vegas Convention Center is this year’s venue. Spotlight sessions will discuss the future of reuse (and how that is being transformed!), plus refuse fleet electrification, and more. A Wednesday session, Cart Smarts: Changing Behavior […]

Communities share the road to resiliency

In the past year, each of 22 weather and climate disasters has inflicted more than $1 billion in damage. Thirteen severe storms, seven tropical cyclones, along with wildfire and drought events, devastated lives and properties.[1] Still, climate change causes and impacts are often publicly disputed. Over the past 50 years, many warnings by politicians and […]