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Green certification brings wellness beyond buildings

What is ‘green,’ and how is it measured? More than 160,000 projects have earned certifications for energy efficiency and environmental design. Those projects in 167 countries and territories achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards.[1] LEED is now the world’s most widely recognized green building rating system. Its metrics, developed 30 years ago […]

Proven paths to healthier workplaces

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average workday was 7.9 hours. Now, as many Americans return to office and commercial buildings, human health in those environments has become more important than ever! Varied certification and accreditation programs respond to today’s public health needs. These programs provide standards that can […]

Renewable energy brought down from the roof

Solar panels are most often seen on rooftops. That hasn’t changed. The difference today is the variety of materials and the variety of places where they can be installed. Tesla has been selling solar roof tiles since 2017. On homes, those tiles provide an attractive alternative to the common 60 or 72-cell solar panels while […]

Sustainability with both eyes open

Sustainability returns value to organizations of all types. A sustainability assessment can reduce costs and minimize waste. It also bring market advantage. A recent survey found that 88% of respondents preferred brands that helped them, as consumers, to be more environmentally friendly. Greater sustainability can bring the benefits of  improved environmental management to manufacturers as […]
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Accreditation awarded to facilities for best-practice cleaning, disinfection, and disease prevention

As conference and sports venues re-open, many are better equipped than ever to respond to public health challenges. The best practices at those facilities promote public health and optimize venue staff safety. That can earn GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation as 20 elements[1] of disinfection, cleaning, and infectious disease spread prevention are documented and achieved. ecoPreserve, […]

R. P. Funding Center earns GBAC STAR accreditation

ecoPreserve, LLC is pleased to announce that the R. P. Funding Center in Lakeland, Florida has been awarded GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation for implementing best practices that enhance the health and safety of guests and staff members at this 100,000 square foot entertainment complex. A GBAC STAR assessment provides a framework of 20 program elements[1] […]

Project Manager earns Green Globes Professional designation

ecoPreserve, LLC is pleased to announce that Bill Hassel, a Project Manager on our team, has earned the Green Globes Professional (GGP) designation. As a sustainability professional with that designation, Bill is an expert user of the Green Globes building assessment and rating system. Green Globes certification and the Green Globes Professional designation were developed […]

Event attendees experience a New Normal

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic have compounded the terrible toll of human suffering. Business losses, and the inevitable cost-cutting and travel restrictions associated with them, have had an immediate impact on conference centers, sports arenas, and public venues of all sizes. Long-planned conferences, concerts, tradeshows, and sporting events have been canceled or […]

Tap into water that’s better than bottled

Bottled water is literally thousands of times more expensive than tap water. Does that expense bring safer, better-quality water to the workplace? At home and in public places, about a third of Americans regularly reach for the blue-tinted bottles. When asked about those purchase decisions, 90% of consumers cite safety and quality concerns. Bottled water […]