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Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Orlando International Airport – Sustainability Management Plan



  • Developed the original Sustainability Plan
  • Created an annual climate report card
  • Administered LEED certification for fire station, intermodal terminal, and administration building

Among the goals that Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s (GOAA) has established for itself, several address environmental concerns. Building systems must minimize energy use while maintaining optimal indoor air quality and temperature control. Water conservation is essential property-wide. Other environmental goals are relevant to facility operations, including procurement and Solid Waste Management (SWM).

GOAA’s Sustainability Management Plan (SMP), prepared with ecoPreserve participation in 2013, specifies initiatives for achieving achieve those goals. Committed to that achievement, GOAA leadership contracts for and publishes periodic SMP progress reports.

GOAA contracted ecoPreserve to benchmark energy consumption and support the development and implementation of GOAA’s Sustainability Plan. ecoPreserve involvement included data collection and reporting on the Authority’s progress with GHG emissions, waste landfill diversion water and energy consumption, procurement practices, alternative transportation, and community engagement.

Each SMP update documents the status of environmental initiatives in operations, maintenance, purchasing, engineering, and construction. The reports, prepared by ecoPreserve, include infographics that visually summarize progress in each area.

ecoPreserve’s ongoing role as LEED administrator led to LEEDv4 Certification of Westfield Fire Rescue Station, the Intermodal Terminal Facility, and the Maintenance Administration Building.

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