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Goodwill Industries of Central Florida

Utility Benchmarking and Sustainability Consulting



  • Configured the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for all 33 client facilities
  • Provided online ESPM training and energy/water goal setting sessions
  • Documented the patterns of facility energy and water consumption

Goodwill Industries of Central Florida contacted ecoPreserve to provide utility benchmarking services.

ecoPreserve configured the EPA/DoE ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) tool for 31 retail locations and two distribution centers. The data input into the tool included square footage, hours of operations, a Full-Time Equivalency count of onsite employees, and 36 months of utility use and expense data.
The ESPM output from that data provided metrics for assessing the performance of each structure. After analyzing the three years of utility data, ecoPreserve documented energy benchmarks and use patterns.

Goodwill Industries of Central Florida employees received training on ESPM use and recommended energy and water use goals. Those online sessions were recorded for new employees and for refresher training as needed.