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Osceola County Government

Food Waste Composter/Digestor Study



  • Research Findings
  • Composter Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Digestor and Composter Comparison Matrix

ecoPreserve conducted a pilot study, researching composter and digestor equipment and processes for use at Osceola Heritage Park (OHP). This work was done within the engineering, planning, and construction firm AVCON, Inc.‘s contract with Osceola County.

The OHP is a convention and entertainment center with facilities for events that include rodeos, shows, and midways. Events estimated to have up to 250 pounds of compostable food waste per day could meet much of the park’s landscape fertilizing needs. This use of kitchen food waste would demonstrate environmental stewardship by reducing reducing landfill waste. Consideration was also given to processing wood chips and animal waste along with the food waste.

In their research, the ecoPreserve team studied 16 potential systems or suppliers. Recommendations were narrowed to four systems as the team met with manufacturers and Osceola County representatives to discuss functionality, scale, lease-vs-buy procurement, and pricing. As varied solutions were assessed, anerobic digesters were found to have additional potential value as waste-to-energy solutions. The food waste within those digesters produces usable biogas comprised of methane and carbon dixide.