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Orange County Government

Low Impact Development (LID) Sustainability



  • Assess stormwater pond Low-Impact Development (LID) potential
  • Interview project managers and staff to evaluate LID practices
  • Identify funding opportunities for LID projects

Orange County, Florida leadership has committed to water resource conservation and protection. The 2030 Orange County Sustainable Operations & Resilience Action Plan documents water use and quality goals to be accomplished through innovation and best practices.

As a subcontractor to GAI Consultants, ecoPreserve consultants documented the sustainability impact of several Orange County LID projects. One research activity assessed the nutrient improvement potential at seventeen stormwater ponds. The team also interviewed 26 project managers and staff concerning LID practices.

Among the project findings, ecoPreserve identified five project funding opportunities. Other reports documented the cost of adding LID practices to three planned projects and recommended how those might be implemented.