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Osceola County Government

Solar Energy Feasibility Study



  • Research findings
  • Investment analysis
  • Available sunlight estimates

The team of solar expert 15 Lightyears and ecoPreserve researched and determined the achievable energy cost benefit for solar energy installation at Osceola Heritage Park (OHP), which is managed by ASM Global. The 200-acre park and event complex includes a 10,000-seat indoor arena, a 5,300-seat outdoor stadium and 47,850 sq. ft. of events space. Utility bills now average over $108,000 per month. Solar power would be certain to reduce that expense, but the question of an expected long-term value remained.

ecoPreserve provided available sunlight estimates based on their research. The team also conducted a cross-property utility audit. After that research, utility cost components of the ROI were calculated. Payback periods for a 7.2M kW system, installed at ten sites within the park were estimated to range from 6.9 to 10.1 years. Over a 25-year span, average monthly energy expense was estimated to be reduced by 77%, an average annual utility savings of more than $2 million.