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City of Waco, Texas

Fleet Electrification Study



  • Analysis of the current fleet
  • Fleet rightsizing and vehicle replacement recommendations
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion assessment and roadmap
  • EV Service Equipment needs assessment
  • Vehicle transition policies and procedures

The City of Waco was looking to understand the current fleet makeup and evaluate operational needs for vehicles across the City to recommend the ideal fleet size and make-up and best practices to share/pool vehicles. They engaged CST Fleet Services to review current activities and recommend best practices for the procurement, financing, insurance, and disposal of vehicles. ecoPreserve partnered with CST to propose opportunities, methods, and strategies to improve environmental sustainability and decrease fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Together, CST and ecoPreserve met with City leadership and staff to collect data regarding the existing fleet and opportunities for electrification. With this information, ecoPreserve would analyze fleet metrics and propose the electrification of over 50 vehicles. The project team drafted recommended policies and procedures in support of the recommended changes to ensure they could be implemented, monitored, and enforced.

The City of Waco has reviewed the study’s results with the project team and is comparing recommendations with their upcoming budget to determine what can be implemented for the next fiscal year.