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Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Sustainable Landscape & Facilities Standards



  • Sustainable Landscape and Irrigation Design Standards document
  • Sustainable Design and Construction Standards document
  • Water Efficiency Guidelines presentation

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) has implemented a Sustainability Action Plan that includes goals for improved water management. Among the opportunities identified in the plan, JTA facilities and sites would benefit from better runoff control and reduced water use.

Toward that opportunity, JTA engaged Michael Baker International and ecoPreserve to revise its sustainable landscape standards and identify best practices for stormwater management infrastructure. In that initiative, the team would conduct site-specific assessments of the potential for rainwater and HVAC condensate recovery and reuse.

With JTA, the team reviewed best practices and internationally recognized standards for stormwater management. Site visits were conducted at varied facility types across Jacksonville:

  • Operations/ administration
  • Transit-Hub
  • Park-n-Ride
  • Headquarters
  • Bus stops
  • Active construction sites
  • Complete streets
  • Ferry landings
  • Skyway stations

Data analysis from those sites revealed a potential rainwater and HVAC condensate capture of 1.6 million gallons of water can be collected. By following Green Stormwater Infrastructure strategies, JTA’s rainwater harvesting could yield savings of ~$19,000 per year.