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The Junkluggers

Waste Diversion Assessment Report



  • Franchise operational analysis
  • Market sector needs assessment
  • Strategic plan with change management strategy

The Junkluggers remove unwanted items from homes and businesses, then seek to repurpose them. As described on, they have comitted to “keeping junk out of landfills and giving them a second chance at life.” That solid circular economy practice reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves natural resources, and raises community awareness of landfill diversion needs nationwide.

On their website, The Junkluggers have stated a goal “to eliminate 100% of reusable waste from landfills by the year 2025.” Toward that, they conducted an internal assessment which revealed a lack of tracking data. That issue was limiting diversion of waste from landfills. To achieve 100% reusable waste diversion, further action would be required.

The Junkluggers brought in ecoPreserve to identify opportunities for improved data capture and engagement. The assignment required assessing current policies and programs, analyzing the functions and data of operational software, and learning franchisee concerns and recommendations through interviews.

Several franchisees participated in Waste Diversion Assessment Project interviews. Corporate leadership provided orientation and documents for the ecoPreserve team to review. The team’s software analysis, interviews, and review of printed materials all led to clear understanding of needed tools and resources. Concurrently, ecoPreserve documented process improvement recommendations for franchisees.

The Junkluggers now have fully-documented recommendations for software that will better measure and further promote diversion of waste materials from landfills. ecoPreserve’s recommendations, derived from reviews of policies and programs, as well as franchisee interviews, supports further progress toward 100% waste diversion goal.  The Waste Diversion Assessment Report also details short and long-term initiatives for greater company-wide engagement, optimized scope and depth of data, and refinements for franchise documents and agreements.
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