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Council for Responsible Sport

Running USA Conference –
Responsible Sport Certification



  • Assessment of documents for certification credit
  • Third-party verification on-site during the conference

Since 2007, the Council of Responsible Sport (CRS) has helped event coordinators manage their sporting events’ social and environmental impacts.

CRS provides certification for planning, procurement, resource management, access/equity, and community legacy. Events achieving those standards show the essential role of  sport activities in livable, socially-responsible communities:

  • Engaging and inspiring people through the Power of Sport
  • Reducing atmospheric gases to prevent further climate destabilization
  • Promoting social justice by reducing inequities along racial and socioeconomic lines
  • Implementing viable and ethical economic models for the Business of Sport


CRS contacted ecoPreserve to be a third-party verifier for the Running USA 2022 Industry Conference.

Running USA is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 and committed to the growth and success of the running industry. The organization hosts annual conferences to provide industry content and education for members.

Before the event, ecoPreserve performed quality control of Running USA’s credit documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance with CRS standards. Before the event, ecoPreserve assessed the practices that would boost sustainability. We were pleased to observe and document initiatives like these:

  • Implementing a zero-waste registration process
  • Partnering with Disney to reduce waste from catered meals
  • Inviting attendees to offset their travel emissions with WeAreNeutral

Running USA showed another facet of responsible sport when they hosted a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion panel.

The report prepared by ecoPreserve confirmed that CRS standards had been met. It documented substantial alignment between Running USA’s complete creative plans and their implementation.

The 2022 Industry Conference was the first event hosted by Running USA to undergo certification by the Council for Responsible Sport (CRS). After the final review, the conference received Silver Level CRS Certification.