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City of Bartow, Florida

EV Charge Infrastructure:
Business Case and Plan



  • EV charging best practices study
  • Budget estimates and recommended funding source alternatives
  • Recommendations for procurement, site selection, network, and operations
  • Business case development and documentation

Responding to the growing number of Electric Vehicles (EVs), the Bartow, Florida City Council contracted with ecoPreserve to support achievement of three goals:

  • Establish the city’s key EV Charge Infrastructure (EVCI) decisions.
  • Provide an approach based on EVCI best practives.
  • Document the decisions and the approach in a business case.

Research involved EVCI installations in ten U.S. cities and counties. In reporting the results to the Bartow City Council, ecoPreserve identified the essential decisions of selecting, funding, purchasing, managing, and maintaining the equipment and facilities for public use. Installation costs for 13 locations were estimated.

The business case documented in this project summarized best practices and listed the required operational improvements. The report also identified approaches to controlling full lifecycle EVCI costs — from front-end investment through long-term expense. Several recommendations were provided, based on the readily-achievable best practices of the highly-successful installations studied.