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Alexa Stone, Founder of ecoPreserve

A note from the President:

Thanks for visiting our website. I founded ecoPreserve LLC, a certified female-owned, sustainability and resiliency consulting company in 2009. To understand what led me to where we are today, allow me to share a few details from my background. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a family that enjoyed backpacking, mountain climbing, and skiing. My older brother, my younger sister, and I raced through Douglas Firs, dodging streams, and slipping on moss in our bucolic paradise.

After college at the University of Colorado, Old Dominion, and UCLA (for Intensive Mandarin Chinese), I moved to Beijing, China, and worked as a graduate instructor at the Chinese Academy of Science.  The year was 1989, the year when students protested political corruption and demanded democracy, economic reform, and freedom of speech.  The government declared martial law and forced my return to the U.S. after just over a year. 

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In the U.S. I joined a start-up engineering company importing printed circuit boards from China and Taiwan.  After five years and rapid growth in a startup, I was eager to understand the dynamics of corporate employment. I joined Home Depot Supply as the Lighting & Energy Manager.  After participating in Economic Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant applications leading to massive LED lighting conversions, including innovative solar LED applications, I knew I wanted to go a step further.  Improving energy efficiency is the start, but I wanted to participate in comprehensive sustainability to include sustainability planning, air quality, solid waste management, livability, and occupant health and wellness. I will always be grateful to Home Depot for supporting the launch of my business as ecoPreserve’s very first client.  

Over the past years, ecoPreserve has grown from three individuals to an extraordinary team of 20 sustainability, engineering, architecture, climate, and planning professionals:

  • We have administered sustainable design, construction, and operations certification projects impacting over 50 million squared feet of occupied space
  • We have launched the careers of countless interns, 
  • We have offered numerous internship programs, typically for recent college graduates, to allow new sustainability professionals to start their careers with hands-on, front-line experience in our industry. 
  • We have participated in countless community clean-ups, educational programs, and volunteer projects.
  • We have developed an innovative social equity program so that for every large project we win, the community wins through our “give-back” program.
  • We are proud to support a multitude of environmentally oriented nonprofits and keep our focus on global change through local efforts.
  • We are moving toward carbon neutrality as an organization. We have minimized our operational carbon footprint and offset the balance through local carbon sequestration programs. We also sponsor 75% of the personal carbon footprint of ecoPreserve team members who choose to offset it, as well.

ecoPreserve is honored to have clients form from the local, state, and federal government, utility providers, hospitals, universities, and private industry. 

ecoPreserve Team Members are not average, our company is not average, and our service is not average.  We deliver Beyond.  We provide excellence in every deliverable, service, and client interaction and always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.