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Internet of Things (IoT) quiz

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The IoT extends the scope and value of the pre-millennial internet with a vast array of endpoint devices. Endpoint sensors measure weight, temperature, volume, chemical composition, velocity, and innumerable other physical properties.

Many endpoints are reached wirelessly. The IoT also connects smart phones and smart speakers, and will guide tomorrow’s transportation systems.

How much have you heard about the IoT?

1. What makes the IoT useful for responding to concerns about public health, safety, air quality, and traffic?
— check all that are TRUE
2. What kinds of devices can be supported when lampposts become IoT endpoints?
— check all that are TRUE
3. What kinds of IoT information should be displayed with a dashboard interface?
— select the BEST answer
4. In what ways can an IoT in an office building boost workplace wellness?
— check all that are TRUE
5. Where should Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors be installed as essential safety features?
— check all that are TRUE
6. Which of these IoT components support Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) operations?
— check all that are TRUE