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Orlando, Florida

How Orlando brings greater green to developers and the community

Written by: Alexa Stone

The City of Orlando has targeted a 20% reduction in total electricity consumption. The baseline year for that goal was 2010 when per capita consumption was 12,003 KwH. A related 2040 goal aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 90% below 2007 levels.[1] Towards those achievements, the city has initiated a Green Building Incentive Program (GBIP). In many cases, the program can substantially lower the incremental taxes associated with energy-efficient building projects.

When already-beneficial green building features are included in project design and construction, a developer can apply for a GBIP rebate. The amount awarded can equal up to one year of the city’s incremental real property tax. A single project could receive a rebate of up to $250,000.

Steps toward energy savings and greater rebates

Orlando’s GBIP can bring a further benefit to projects of at least 1,000 square feet of gross floor area. It uses a building certification program that saves energy,  That certification, Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) is administered worldwide by the U.S. Green Building Council. Energy savings from LEED-certified buildings in three pre-pandemic years were estimated to be $1.2 billion. Today, LEED is the most widely used green building certification, worldwide.[2]

The  rebate can increase with the level of LEED certification.

  • Projects earning LEED Silver can claim a 50% tax increment rebate.
  • LEED Gold increases that to 75%.
  • The highest level of certification, LEED Platinum, can bring a 100% tax increment rebate, up to $250,000.

Eligibility for Orlando’s GBIP rebates can be checked at a city website, using an online form. The process — from application submittal to tax rebate receipt — is explained in detail here. GBIP process diagram

Steel construction

GBIP tax rebates vary, based on the level of LEED certification (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) awarded. Those awards are based on a points system.

ecoPreserve is here to help claim every possible point toward a LEED certification. Our experienced, USGBC-accredited specialists have guided LEED certifications totaling over 50M sq ft.

These examples are among the LEED Certification Projects we’ve done, ranging from single commercial buildings to major convention centers and transportation hubs

  • Commercial/office buildings
  • Airport/bus transport facilities
  • Arenas and civic centers
  • Federal and local government