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Earth Day every day

Earth Day/Every Day resolutions
as shared by our team

Written by: the ecoPreserve team

Recently, several members of our team looked back at Earth Day, 2022. These are some of the thoughts they shared about “everyday Earth Days” in their lives.

Alexa Stone, President
“After trying scooters and Segways® downtown, found ebikes to be ideal. Pedal assist gets you going for miles of petrol-free transportation.” –
Alexa Stone
“As a family, we did an Earth Day meditation and have avoided beef and pork; favoring lower-carbon foods.” –
Mital Hall
Speed & Scale by John Doerr has given me practical next steps to share with anyone who wants to participate in solving the climate crisis.” –
Oscar Vargas
“Our family’s Earth Day commitments have become everyday activities. Recycling and composting are just the start.” –
Jessica Wright
Nate Boyd - Service Engineer
“I’ve seen so many ways to help! At home, there are solar panels and a garden to maintain. Even at the beach – finding hundreds of items to clean-up, using a metal detector.” –
Nate Boyd
Alberto Brioso
“A daily jog or run can boost environmental wellness. It’s as easy as bringing a bag to pick up litter along the way.” –
Alberto Brioso
“Everything needed on Earth Day is needed year-round. It’s important to keep sharing information.” –
Susann Geithner
“Divert waste by treating the trash can as a last resort for items.” –
Ashley Schnetzer
“Buy less stuff. Less is more!” – Mary Jo Anderson
George Pond
“A plant-based diet means less bovine methane and better land use. Also, I can attest: today’s beef and milk alternatives taste good!” –
George Pond
Earth Day is about appreciating the beauty and importance of nature. We often take it for granted, but everything from the trees to the bugs to the air we breathe is vital to our survival, regardless of where you’re from, who you are, and what your beliefs are.

It is not only our duty to take care of our planet, but it should be our pleasure! Who wants to be surrounded by nothing but buildings, concrete and other man-made objects? There is a reason why most of us think of a beautiful, lush, tropical island when we think of paradise. Just google the word “paradise” and click on images… you’ll see what I mean!

— Lydia Warmsley