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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, 2021

Written by: Oscar Vargas

Our 4.5 billion-year-old planet has seen a 11% increase in carbon dioxide, just since 2000. Automotive and industrial activities add another 24 billion tons of it every year.

Greenhouse gas accumulation is just one reason why Earth Day is more urgent than ever. You’ve heard about (and maybe seen!) the storms, the fires, the catastrophes of so many types across the planet.

Recognizing and talking about the impacts of climate change is a start, but climate action is not a spectator sport. Every individual and organization must participate in solving this real and immediate need.

  • At ecoPreserve, we have minimized our operational carbon footprint, and are partnered with We Are Neutral to offset the balance through local carbon sequestration and emission reduction programs.
  • We also sponsor 75% of the cost to offset the personal carbon footprint of ecoPreserve team members who choose to offset it.
  • We will go “beyond neutrality” by consistently advancing decarbonization and climate action through our operations and client projects.

Here’s hoping that on Earth Day, 2022, each of us will look back on significant progress made this year.