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Energy Star Program
“I’m an Energy Star” team at Orlando Health

A crucial part of a successful green initiative is a knowledgeable staff. ecoPreserve provides on or off-site training on a broad range of environmental & sustainability topics in order for organizations and individuals to apply best practices.

You are a good candidate for ecoPreserve’s Sustainable Sales Training if you answer “NO” to any of the following questions:

Do you know how to calculate Return on Investment (ROI) and explain the benefits to your customers?

Can you walk a customer through the Energy Star Benchmarking program for their building?

Can you offer your customers assistance with federal and local rebate programs for energy efficiency?

  • Sustainability 101

Have any of your competitors “gone green”? If you are unsure how you can incorporate “green” into your organization, you’re not alone! In Sustainability 101, ecoPreserve clearly lays out the components of sustainability and environmental responsibility as it relates to your industry. This course helps build a foundation and develop a vision and direction for a path forward that is aligned with your organization’s goals.

  • ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

Tried it yourself and still not getting it? This comprehensive course includes interactive, step by step tutorials and Q&A sessions. Participants will have the knowledge and skills to ensure accurate building and utility data collection of buildings, Successfully benchmark by entering & maintaining data for bulk uploads & single facilities, Familiarity with functions, features, and ancillary tools, and actively manage and monitor financial & environmental performance with reporting functions

  • Certifications, Recognitions and Partnerships

Overwhelmed and confused about the popularity of green building certifications? Let us explain the requirements, benefits, and best practices of the U.S Green Building Council’s LEED Certification, ENERGY STAR, Green Globes, FGBC Local Government Standards.

  • Green Team Building

Employees are a company’s best resource for green advocates and leaders. Unfortunately, many are asked to take on a leadership role without the benefit of a framework, including clear goals and integration of the corporate mission. Learn step-by-step how to create an independent, self-perpetuating green team that produces & reports measurable bottom-line impact!

  • Executive Level Planning

Corporate sustainability initiatives are rising in popularity. ecoPreserve provides awareness training and facilitates interdepartmental communication with executives and governing boards in order for these programs to gain acceptance and momentum.

  • Custom Workshops and Speaking Engagements

ecoPreserve can accommodate sustainability related training that specifically meets your organizational objectives. Whether you are getting started and looking for an orientation on sustainability topics or straight going to management-level training, ecoPreserve can support your needs.

  • Green Product Sales Training

The current green movement has drastically changed the role of contractors and product sales representatives. It has become a consultative position with success based on expertise. ecoPreserve will teach you step by step how to succeed by adopting a service oriented approach based on a mutual goal of improving operational efficiency.

  • Green Building Operations

Heard of it, but not sure what it is? ecoPreserve will address the common questions, concerns, and achievements associated with integrating green practices and operational efficiency strategies into buildings. We also provide industry-specific technical training on building operations and will breakdown the different green building certifications and the requirements of the U.S. Green Buildings Council’s LEED Certification.