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Earth Day 2016 – Paris Agreement Signed

April 22nd was an exceptionally important Earth Day, now in its 47th year. Leaders from 175 countries signed the Paris climate agreement. This action at the United Nations in New York represented a critical step. With their signatures, the leaders committed to strategies and timeframes that will slow the accumulation of greenhouse gases. The ratification […]
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The Environment – a Unifying Force

Several issues surface in planning sustainability initiatives. ecoPreserve can help you appropriately address them! How do we create a green team structure and initiative that will be effective and successful? How do we gain buy-in, encourage staff and earn financial support to move forward? What policies should form the foundation of a sustainability program? How […]

Are my recyclable items really getting recycled?

Are my recyclable items really getting recycled? Alexa Stone talks with Damon Powell from Waste Management about single stream recycling:

Is green all talk?

Is green all talk? Where are the stimulus funds going? Alexa talks about the effect of the economic downturn on building sustainability – includes interview with Marty Longest, David Dunn & Mike Siner: