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With these solar strategies, Orlando aims to achieve Paris climate accord goals

Orlando has become a pioneer in moving beyond carbon-based energy. By mid-century, all of The City Beautiful’s energy will be generated from carbon-free sources. A first milestone targets up 8 percent of the city-owned Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) power to be sourced from solar by 2020. Five years later, the city’s greenhouse gas emissions should […]

10 ways hospitals achieve resiliency

The nonprofit organization, Practice Greenhealth, champions best practices for hospital environmental stewardship. On May 9th, it presented Circles of Excellence Awards to member healthcare organizations that excelled in specific categories of sustainability while achieving all-around sustainability. At the 2018 event, these distinct facets of healthcare sustainability circles were recognized: Chemicals In the Chemicals Circle, member […]
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As airports grow, new tenants swarm in

Background on beekeeping Bees are an essential part of the American agricultural system as they are responsible for pollination. Bees affect $15 billion worth of agricultural products. Honey production is valued at $336 million based on a 2016 study. Pesticide use and loss of biodiversity threaten these benefits. Bee populations have dwindled by 23% from […]
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Bringing TCO to the TBL!

First, let’s get the acronyms out of the way. TCO is Total Cost of Ownership. Gartner defines TCO as “a comprehensive assessment of information technology (IT) or other costs across enterprise boundaries over time.” TBL is the Triple Bottom Line, often expressed as Profit, Planet, and People. In this article, you will see similar terms: […]

How 58 companies saved a total of $14B

Representation of one day’s carbon emissions Representation of one day’s carbon emissionshandyhulle xrwholesaleon sale The companies were recognized for mitigating environmental risks in partnership with their suppliers. Those reductions in CO2 and other emissions saved the companies an estimated $14 billion in 2017. Those reductions in CO2 and other emissions saved the companies an estimated $14 […]
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Visit tomorrow’s smart cities at today’s theme parks

Imagine a world where transportation runs on demand, not by schedule. Imagine trading that key ring for one wearable device which opens every door. Bring your smartphone, because that will reserve your dining, place your order, and pay for the check. Regardless of your day’s agenda, you’ll never wait long, because your entirely-flexible schedule and […]

These 17 goals have a Triple Bottom Line

Every organization’s economic concerns also link with environmental and social concerns. This triple bottom line can be illustrated as interconnecting circles. In a world of limited resources and instantaneous communication, the circles sometimes expressed as people, planet, and profit are never disconnected. This connectivity can also be seen in goals established by the United Nations […]

7 urban innovations promote bicycle use

The path to a bike-friendly America is long indeed. Of the 4 million miles of paved roads, less than 200 miles include protected bike lanes. That’s 0.005 percent. Despite that slow start, the League of American Bicyclists reports that bicycle commuting is more popular than ever in 43 of the 70 largest U.S. cities. This […]

One small step, helping an industry erase its carbon footprint

Jet fuel is a significant source of the human carbon footprint. Aviation emissions worldwide are about equal to those produced by all of Germany. Reducing waste and reducing energy use are the most direct ways to limit carbon emissions. Aviation is the first global industry to actively take on the challenge. They’re doing their part. […]