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Happy Earth Day, 2021

Our 4.5 billion-year-old planet has seen a 11% increase in carbon dioxide, just since 2000. Automotive and industrial activities add another 24 billion tons of it every year. Greenhouse gas accumulation is just one reason why Earth Day is more urgent than ever. You’ve heard about (and maybe seen!) the storms, the fires, the catastrophes […]

Climate change solutions can serve social needs

Ever-increasing numbers of weather and climate disasters have brought tragedy all too often. In 2020 alone, no fewer than 262 lives were lost. Property damages exceeded $95 billion. Each of those 22 disasters claimed or impacted lives while disrupting business and commerce.[1] Low-wealth communities were hardest hit by storms, floods, and fires. Those same cities […]

Better Solid Waste Management (SWM) in a circular economy

In a circular economy, recycling keeps waste materials out of landfills. Instead, the materials are available for valuable repurposing and reuse. Plastic packaging is seen along grocery store aisles, worldwide. One of the largest consumer products companies, Unilever, brings familiar brands to about 190 countries. In the U.S., their Dove, Hellmann’s, and Seventh Generation brands […]

The road ahead for Electric Vehicles will be a busy one!

More than 276 million vehicles travel today’s U.S. roadways. All but 1.6 million of those cars, trucks, and buses find fuel at the 115,000 gas stations along the way. That remaining small percentage (less than 2%) requires plug-in power and is fueled at home or by the 26,000 vehicle charging stations now open to the […]
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The challenge of recycling plastics right

If no one buys the recyclables, then they are trash. This is the message you should take away from this SoCal video on the struggles of California recycling. Cities, counties, and states around the U.S. are struggling to find a better way to educate and engage residents and businesses in recycling clean materials. If we […]

Three routes to resilient communities

In 2020, 16 of the weather and climate disasters in the U.S. each brought losses exceeding $1 billion. Eleven severe storms devastated lives and properties in more than 30 states. Further billion-dollar losses were the result of fires, drought, and cyclones.[1] Warnings of these climate change impacts have been published – and at times disputed, […]
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Workbook teaches families to “go green while in quarantine”

The Green Actioneers[1], sixty sustainability students from the University of Central Florida, recently published a spiral-bound activity book for families. The two-sided Green Actioneers Workbook[2] suggests free or inexpensive ways to reduce carbon and water footprints. Parents read one side; children solve puzzles and color on the other. News and Notes items accompany the longer […]
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The greater costs of larger landfills

Nearly 70 local governments have canceled or suspended curbside recycling since 2017, when China put scrap import restrictions in place.[1] Less recycling means more waste. Some of that may be incinerated, and some (especially cans and bottles) will go to landfills.[2] Larger landfills are more than a real estate expense. More than 60,000 untested chemicals pervade consumer products. When […]
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Urban farm to bring better nutrition to more students

Orlando, Florida, is about to experience a better food future. An urban farm, the 4Roots Farm Campus, will bring the “four roots” of  education, health, economic development, and sustainability to a district now under construction near downtown. The 4Roots Foundation, a sustainable agriculture initiative of 4 Rivers Restaurants, is collaborating with the Plant Science & […]