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Quick wins for healthier, quieter workplaces

HEALTHIER Fresh air and clean air filters Clogged air filters lower the air quality and decrease HVAC efficiency by as much as 15%. Simply airing out an office – weather and pollen count permitting – clears away those same mold spores, germs, and viruses. Safer cleaning products The Safer Choice label on a cleaning product […]

Three quick wins to launch a recycling program

The U.S. EPA presents a compelling case for recycling. Looking back a decade, their 2020 Recycling Economic Information (REI) Report found recycling and reuse activities that produced 681,000 jobs while contributing $37.8 billion in wages. For every 1,000 tons of recycled material, 1.17 jobs were created. Construction and Demolition waste provided the greatest employment benefits. […]
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Slow the flow of wasted water

How much water do you drink each day? If you keep an insulated reusable water bottle at your desk and fill it every hour, you will consume about a half gallon in a workday. That includes the two cups of coffee that you enjoy. The surprising truth is, all of those glasses and cups are negligible […]
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Better nutrition boosts workplace wellness

Workplace wellness should be easy. After an hour or so of focused progress, get up, stretch, and maybe refill the water bottle from the break room sink. There, in many offices, perils await. Where did those doughnuts come from? A well-meaning and generous manager or coworker may have brought them in. The box sits open […]
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It’s time to inspire workplace sense-ability

The sights, sounds, and scents within an office can boost the morale and productivity of the people working there. Regardless of the tasks we perform, our senses are with us. Even when in “heads-down” mode, we see, hear, and inhale the atmosphere of an office. When the office atmosphere is pleasing, the positive human factors […]
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Team Up! to make Ride-sharing Work

Do you drive a small sedan? On average, it costs you 42 cents per mile. If you drive something slightly larger, the cost jumps to 54 cents per mile. Based on those figures, a daily 20-mile commute would take $400 per month from your budget. Compare that with vanpooling, likely to save that same budget […]

Quick Wins for Greener Landscaping

Today’s greenest landscapes are not those where the office is fronted by acres of emerald turf, with sprinklers popping up just in time to water the employees as they enter and exit the building. Greener landscaping is possible with less lawn. Be water wise Use drought-tolerant and bare-root stock species in the design process as […]
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IEQ @theOffice

Keep it fresh Many of the chemical products most essential to the office can trigger worker allergies and sickness. As a best practice, take a few minutes to know where, when, and how these categories of product are being used: Adhesives Cleaners Paints Pesticides Solvents Look for the least caustic, volitile, and odiferous products in […]

Workplace water-saving

Saving water deserves more attention as a sustainability initiative. In regions where shortages seem unlikely, the actual water’s actual value is likely to be far higher than its cost. One cubic meter of water may cost as little as $0.10 where it is plentiful and $15 in arid zones. Supply already exceeds demand. By 2030 […]