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Hotels claim balance-sheet benefits of a lighter carbon footprint

Paris Climate Agreement goals are as clear as they are challenging. Global temperatures must not increase more than 1.5° Celsius (2.7° Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels. The consequences are no less clear. They range from storms and rising sea levels to drought and extreme heat. Essential to avoiding those perils, greenhouse gas emission must be reduced […]

10 ways hotels promote wellness

The hospitality industry is responding proactively to guest expectations for hotel experiences around health and wellness. In 2017, wellness tourism grew to $639 billion, doubling the pace of tourism overall. Nearly 90 percent of that travel was for business or leisure – not specifically for health and fitness.[1] Guests seek wellness A focus on fitness […]

Hospitality Advocacy and the “Green Destination”

Alexa Stone (Founder) was the guest speaker, with Mayor Crotty, to the I-Drive Chamber of Commerce on May 15th where she described Orange County Convention Center’s critical role as an educational leader in sustainability.  “Because of it’s size and location, Orange County Convention Center has a responsibility to take on this role..” says Alexa, “…it’s […]