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Finding fast-chargers for 26.4 million EVs

In late 2021, 2.4 million Electric Vehicles (EVs) travelled U.S. streets and roadways. Many drew their power from chargers installed in home garages where they could recharge overnight. Those chargers, plus available public chargers, met “early adapter” needs to power a daily commute plus local errands. At vacation time, many EVs would remain garaged while […]

7 keys to unlock a winning grant proposal

The Federal Highway Administration recently published 34 pages of rules for projects funded under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. Effective March 30, 2023, the NEVI standards explain what grant proposals for EV charging facilities must include, and why. CHARGING STATION EQUIPMENT The grant proposal must show that the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment […]
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Three recent steps toward an EV infrastructure

The one million Electric Vehicles (EVs) on U.S. streets and highways aren’t causing traffic jams. They travel quietly while 275 million petrol-powered vehicles roar past, spewing CO2 into the atmosphere.[1] Fossil-fueled vehicles outnumber EVs,  275:1. That will soon change. An estimated 26.4 million EVs will be on the road by 2030.[2] Streets will be quieter, […]

More communities commit to 100% renewable energy

Cities, counties, and states across the U.S. have set goals to end reliance on fossil fuels and instead to generate electricity from renewable sources. As of November 2021, Ready for 100% campaigns have launched int0 more than 180 cities, ten counties, and eight states nationwide.[1] Originally planned by the Sierra Club, Ready For 100 (RF100) […]

Sustainability with both eyes open

Sustainability returns value to organizations of all types. A sustainability assessment can reduce costs and minimize waste. It also bring market advantage. A recent survey found that 88% of respondents preferred brands that helped them, as consumers, to be more environmentally friendly. Greater sustainability can bring the benefits of  improved environmental management to manufacturers as […]

Orlando’s high-speed charging hub to be Florida’s largest

The City of Orlando’s 100% Renewable Energy Resolution, published in 2017, sets a 2050 target for sourcing 100% of electricity consumed in the city from renewable energy resources and associated technologies. Toward that target, the Orlando Utility Commission (OUC), Orange County, and Power Electronics are collaborating in development of the largest high-speed charging facility in […]
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Bringing energy costs into community-wide balance

In recent  years, 33% of U.S. households have confronted energy insecurity. As their energy bills accumulated, over 25 million families have had to cut back on food and medicine purchases.[1] But why should energy costs have greater impact on low-income households? Among the possible reasons, they pay a greater portion of their earnings for utility costs. Also, […]
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Accreditation awarded to facilities for best-practice cleaning, disinfection, and disease prevention

As conference and sports venues re-open, many are better equipped than ever to respond to public health challenges. The best practices at those facilities promote public health and optimize venue staff safety. That can earn GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation as 20 elements[1] of disinfection, cleaning, and infectious disease spread prevention are documented and achieved. ecoPreserve, […]

R. P. Funding Center earns GBAC STAR accreditation

ecoPreserve, LLC is pleased to announce that the R. P. Funding Center in Lakeland, Florida has been awarded GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation for implementing best practices that enhance the health and safety of guests and staff members at this 100,000 square foot entertainment complex. A GBAC STAR assessment provides a framework of 20 program elements[1] […]