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Meeting the challenge of an aging power grid

Here’s the challenge: Tomorrow’s energy needs will grow as more Electric Vehicle (EV) traffic is seen and summer heat reaches record temperatures Today’s grid is not equipped to support that demand. New technology investments supported by policy initiatives will be required to upgrade the grid while serving even greater demand. To meet that challenge, the […]

Let’s raise a glass to PFAS-free water!

The benefits of PFAS-coated and infused products are seen in households across the USA. Eggs no longer stick to cookware. Summer t-shirts can be waterproof, and sofa covers repel stains. PFAS brings further value outside the home. The electronics industry relies on PFAS for heat-resistant cables and circuit boards. In your community, firefighters save lives […]

Connect to funding opportunities for your EV charging

Leaders who are planning for EV Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) can boost power to their projects with public and private grant funding. To find the most, look the widest! Where to start Charging facilities are to be provided for EV motorists nationwide. Do you know of an organization whose project would join the EVCI network? The […]

Cut the cost of water waste

The costs of wasted water are easily overlooked. A single faucet that drips once per second will send over 2,000 gallons of water down the pipes within a year. The potential expense faced by office, commercial, and industrial facilities is significantly multiplied. Fortunately, planning and awareness will shut off the dollar drain. Water waste can […]

Quick wins for healthier, quieter workplaces

HEALTHIER Fresh air and clean air filters Clogged air filters lower the air quality and decrease HVAC efficiency by as much as 15%. Simply airing out an office – weather and pollen count permitting – clears away those same mold spores, germs, and viruses. Safer cleaning products The Safer Choice label on a cleaning product […]

Who cares about a building’s environmental excellence?

Apparently, building owners and facility managers in over 175 countries care. More than 105,000 buildings they own and manage have earned LEED® certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is awarded for a building’s energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable materials, waste reduction, and indoor air quality. Now, a streamlined process also enables the achievement […]

The fast route to fast chargers for your community

By 2030, an estimated 26 million Electric Vehicles (EVs) will be on U.S. roadways. Those will likely require an additional 28 million charging ports.[1]   California is already experiencing a level of demand that will soon be nationwide. The infrastructure for charging has been built up in response. Several communities in that state are among […]
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Utility cost savings begin with benchmarking

In the U.S., buildings consume an estimated 40% of the country’s energy.[1] Large commercial buildings also use a an estimated 2.3% of the public water supply.[2] Consumption of energy and water utilities at that volume has environmental, social, and balance sheet impact. The impact can and should be managed. Benchmarking can be a starting point for that initiative. […]

What’s going on up there?

Polar bears, reindeer, and Arctic foxes roam the glaciers and frozen tundra of Svalbard, a 23,000-square-mile archipelago halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Wildlife shares this domain with 2,500 human residents — people likely to be found in one of four communities. Scientists far outnumber the year-round residents. Currently,  6,431 of them participate in […]