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Utility cost savings begin with benchmarking

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Written by: Alexa Stone

Electric Meters

In the U.S., buildings consume an estimated 40% of the country’s energy.[1] Large commercial buildings also use a an estimated 2.3% of the public water supply.[2] Consumption of energy and water utilities at that volume has environmental, social, and balance sheet impact.

The impact can and should be managed. Benchmarking can be a starting point for that initiative. As energy and water related volumes are identified, their recurring costs and savings potential can be found, documented, and graphically presented. Four states and 33 cities now have laws requiring that type of effort.[3]

Let the savings begin!

Benchmarking laws vary in scope and detail, but the industry-leading tool, the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager[4] has benchmarked energy and water consumption in full 40% of U.S. commercial building space. Over 840 municipalities, utilities, and nonprofits have recorded utility measurements in it.

A proven path forward

ecoPreserve’s certified energy efficiency experts can assist in configuring the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for commercial and public buildings of all sizes and types!

  • Collecting and verifying building water and energy information
  • Uploading utility data into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Preparing and reporting results to municipalities if required
  • Ongoing energy and water use management

To learn the potential of a benchmarking initiative at your properties, reach out to ecoPreserve. Jumpstart your energy and water savings today.

[2] — US Energy Information Administration
[3] — Institute for Market Transformation