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A milestone birthday celebrated with friends, food, and theater

Written by: George Pond

FullSizeRender (3)On June 10th, the ecoPreserve team, family, and friends gathered for a special celebration. Yes, there was great food, beverage, balloons and all that you may have seen at similar parties. Then there was the show!

In Alexa’s words: “This year was my 50th birthday and I wanted to do something special for my friends, my community and me! A good friend suggested a Living Room Theatre production in my home. I didn’t know what it was….but I did know Tisse and Banks as being in a local circle of cool people that I kinda know. They came over and the rest is history. I had 55 friends in the party room of my condo and we all had a chance to experience and bond to Living Room Theater.”

Living Room Theater describes these shows as “fun, community oriented and intimate.” Each performance is about 70 minutes, consisting of a series of short and varied vignettes. These range from the funny to the serious, from the commonplace to the absurd. The show is an emotional journey!

To sum up the party, it was great fun and an entertaining show.