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We offer professional consulting services to advance your sustainability and resiliency objectives through global expertise, strategic planning, and local implementation. 

ecoPreserve is a certified sustainability and resiliency consulting company.

Since 2009, our team of engineering, architecture, and planning professionals has partnered with organizational leaders – public and private – to achieve their sustainability goals and create a low carbon future. To date, ecoPreserve has optimized operational efficiencies, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and improved health and wellness in over 20 million square feet of building space impacting 100 million people. Our clients include local, state, and federal governments, utility providers, universities, international airports, and hospital networks.

Alexa Stone, Founder of ecoPreserve

A note from the President:

Thank you for your online visit! If we haven’t yet met face-to-face, may there soon be an opportunity for that. Until then, we hope that you will enjoy and benefit from the Insights blog, our project stories, and every page of this website.

Our intent is to bring up-to-date and encouraging information to you, focusing on energy efficiency, better buildings, circularity, and climate change readiness.

As founder of ecoPreserve LLC, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of sharing sustainability with individuals, organizations, and communities since 2009. Now our entire team participates in this, boosting the achievements and efficiencies of utility providers, hospitals, universities, and private industry, as well as local, state, and federal government teams.

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Our extraordinary sustainability, engineering, climate, and planning professionals have enjoyed collaboration with many forward-thinking organizations and communities. With gratitude to every client and civic organization we have worked with, we serve as catalysts and have witnessed positive change:

  • administering sustainable design, construction, and operations projects impacting over 20 million square feet of occupied space
  • participating in community clean-ups, educational programs, and volunteer projects
  • implementing “give-back” social equity programs at large-scale projects
  • providing career development and mentorship to environmental service interns
  • supporting nonprofit teams having positive global impact as they focus on immediate local needs

ecoPreserve seeks carbon neutrality as an organization. We have minimized our operational carbon footprint and offset the balance through local carbon sequestration programs. We also sponsor 75% of the personal carbon footprint of ecoPreserve team members who choose to offset it, as well.

The service we commit to as individuals and as a company is never average. We deliver Beyond.

Organizations we serve

We’ve partnered with some of the largest organizations in the United States to achieve their sustainability and resiliency goals.
ecoPreserve is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of transparency and corporate governance. We maintain comprehensive and up-to-date records of our owners, Oscar Vargas and Alexa Stone, which refer to the individuals that hold the benefits of ownership. This adherence to transparency ensures our compliance with international and local regulations, reinforcing our pledge to ethical and sustainable business operations.
  • ecoPreserve is an excellent partner that acts as a true extension of staff

    “We didn’t have the in-house resources, so we contracted ecoPreserve as our enterprise energy and sustainability program manager. Working with ecoPreserve makes my life easier and saves me time. They are results-oriented. They do more than gather data – they dig into the details to reveal the insight and move forward. They are also proactive, coming to us with grant opportunities and innovative approaches.”
    Robert Resetar – Director, Engineering
    Orlando Health
  • They made our facility accreditation application process smoother and quicker than we could have ever anticipated

    “Everyone at ecoPreserve is incredibly knowledgeable, pleasant to work with, and passionate about what they do. They made our facility accreditation application process smoother and quicker than we could have ever anticipated. Thank you for your dedication to making our facilities better.”
    Andrew Sims – Director of Operations
    Spectra Venue Management
  • The entire team tirelessly and passionately promotes sustainability in design, construction, and operations

    “I truly enjoy working with the ecoPreserve team. Their ability to effectively communicate sustainability, gain support, gather data, analyze, and move to action, is remarkable. The entire team tirelessly and passionately promotes sustainability in design, construction, and operations while exhibiting a refreshing honesty and understanding of the practical needs of business leaders.”
    Aviation Professional
Our mission is to alter the course of climate change by advancing solutions that reduce environmental impact, increase operational performance, and improve equity and quality of life.